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Danny Bonvissuto

potted amaryllis
'Apple Blossom' amaryllis plants are a gorgeous pastel pink. Photo courtesy of Longfield Gardens.

I received a beautiful wooden box full of amaryllis bulbs from my friends at Longfield Gardens who thought I could use a little bit of color to brighten up the gray days of winter. And they were right.

But what I didn't have was time to plant the bulbs or anything to plant them in. So I put the box in the hall closet while I had guests, and promptly forgot about it … until I opened the door and saw blooms busting right out of the box.

That's right: Without water, soil or any light at all, three 'Apple Blossom' amaryllis flowers have grown in my closet. One flower has actually shot up through the handle of my drawer! 

amaryllis blooms in closet
Amaryllis blooms keep my husband's ties and belts company in the closet.

"Amaryllises are our foolproof winter superstar," says Hans Langeveld, co-owner of Longfield Gardens. "They take zero experience to grow. Even though they've been known to bloom in the bag, amaryllis bulbs are happiest in a container slightly larger than the bulb itself."

Often thought of as a holiday flower, amaryllis stretches the season deep into winter. Longfield Gardens offers many varieties, including the ruby red 'Benefica' and hot pink "Neon," in two bulb sizes, and the wooden box will be available this fall.

If, unlike me, you prefer to plant amaryllis bulbs where you can see them, here are few ways to care for your indoor bloomers: 

  • Amaryllis bulbs like to be crowded in their pots. Make sure there's a drainage hole for excess water.
  • Set some steel wool or a dryer sheet at the bottom of the pot to keep the potting soil in and position the bulb root-down in the pot. The "shoulders" and "neck" of the bulb should be visible above the soil line.
  • Water to moisten.
  • Blooms can take 6-8 weeks. Move to indirect light and snip off flowers as they fade.

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7 Comments About this Article

  • Katie
    oh my gosh! Thats crazy! These must be really great bulbs!

    Posted 3 years ago

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  • Tracey Brown
    How comical! And what a find!! (Love the handle) May they now see the light of day and brighten an area in your home you frequent more often!

    Posted 3 years ago

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  • Sandy Shaughnessy
    have raised and re bloomed Amaryllis for many years... Love them.. but this may be my off yeas, all of my stored plants, save maybe one, are leafing out.. no blooms... I ordered three from White Flower Farms and the first to sprout is putting out leaves... they are great folks and I am sure will honor their bloom guarantee but I am sooo bloom deprived this year... but I still recommend them to anyone who wants some Wow in their winter!!

    Posted 3 years ago

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  • Susan McCoy
    Wow! That's amazing. My Longfield Gardens' amaryllis are reblooming.

    Posted 3 years ago

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  • Katie
    @Sandy youll need to try Longfield Amaryllis next year!'

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Shanin Gaulin
    Have you tried any of the other colors? The Red Pearl would look lovely in our bathroom. What about sizes? 28/30 cm or 34/36 cm?

    Posted 11 months ago

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  • Cindy Belleau
    I have had these for three years in a row as gifts for Christmas. They all leafed out beautifully but none of them got even so much as a bud. I did put them in the pot that came in the box with no hole in it, but I didn't over water them either. I will try and replant my last one this year as it is full of roots.

    Posted 10 months ago

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