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Planted Ferns Create Dramatic Patio Container

Materials Needed

  • fern plants
  • large planting pot
  • broken clay pieces or gravel
  • soil-based compost
  • slow-release fertilizer granules
  • bucket of water
  • watering can or garden hose

Step 1: Apply a Layer of Compost and Fertilizer

Place broken clay pot pieces over the drainage hole at the bottom of the pot, and apply a layer of soil-based compost. Add some slow-release fertilizer granules.

Step 2: Position the Ferns

Soak the ferns in a bucket of water for 15 minutes. Place them, still in their original containers, in the pot to ensure that you are happy with the arrangement.

Step 3: Place the Ferns on the Compost

Tip the ferns out of their containers, and place them on the layer of compost. Fill in around the root balls, firming the compost gently with your fingers.

Step 4: Plant the Ferns

Plant the ferns at the same depth as in their original containers, leaving a gap of 2 inches between the pot rim and top of the compost to allow space for watering. Water in well.

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