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Blooming Clematis Covers Wall for Rustic Look

Materials Needed

  • climbing plants
  • wire supports or trellis panels
  • shovel
  • organic compost or manure
  • bamboo canes
  • watering can or garden hose
  • fertilizer
  • twine
  • organic mulch or bark chips

Step 1: Fix Wire Supports

Fix wire supports or trellis panels before you plant your climber against a wall or fence. Then dig up and enrich the soil with organic matter, such as well-rotted compost or manure. Avoid planting your climber too close to the wall or fence because the soil there is likely to be very dry.

Step 2: Dig a Hole

Dig a hole about 18 inches from a fence (or a little closer to a post), making it twice as wide and slightly deeper than the plant pot. Place the pot in the hole to check the planting depth.

Step 3: Place and Arrange Bamboo Canes

Place and arrange canes in a fan shape. Attach the canes to the horizontal wires on the fence to provide a temporary support for the climber until it reaches the wires.

Step 4: Place Plant in the Hole

Water the plant; then remove it from its pot. Place it in the hole, and lean it toward the fence; ensure the root ball is not above the soil surface. Add fertilizer to the excavated soil.

Step 5: Fill In With Soil

Fill in around the roots with soil, firming it down with your fingers. Make a saucer-shaped depression with the surrounding soil around the base of the climber to create a water reservoir.

Step 6: Tie the Stems to the Canes

Tie the stems loosely to the canes with twine. Water the plant — the reservoir will guide moisture to the roots. Apply a mulch of organic matter or bark chips, leaving a space around the stems.

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