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White hot tip: French Breakfast radishes are among the lucky veggies going in author Jeanne Nolan's fall garden.

Celebrity gardeners may have more experience—plus their own books and TV shows—but Mother Nature doesn't make those distinctions.

Just like you, celebrity gardeners are planning their fall gardens, trying to remember what worked last year, what didn't and where they put their favorite pair of work gloves.

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HGTVGardens did some field research to find out what they're planting this season and why. Here's the scoop on The Outdoor Room star Jamie Durie's favorite figs, designer-to-the-stars Ghada Dergham's Mexican tarragon, Sunset magazine garden editor Kathleen Brenzel's penchant for kangaroo paw and much more.

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Jamie Durie

Jamie Durie, international award-winning landscape designer, horticulturist, author and host of HGTV's The Outdoor Room

"Great fall-planted bulbs add a lot of interest and color to the spring landscape," he says. "You can even intersperse them in your containers between deciduous or evergreen plants so you can move them around your yard or terrace."

Blueberries are ideally planted in the fall or spring so they can get established before they bear fruit. 'Bountiful Blue' and 'Peach Sorbet' offer year-round interest with not only delicious fruit but also interesting foliage. They're great for urban areas and well suited for containers. 

Gingko 'Jade Butterflies' is my favorite tree in the fall. It's the most vibrant shade of yellow and is used for many medicinal purposes in Asia. 

'Brown Turkey' figs are a great addition to the fall garden. They're wonderful grilled with a balsamic drizzle to add to a lamb dinner or on top of vanilla ice cream for a sweet treat. 

Dinosaur kale is a great way to get kids involved in the garden and eating their vegetables. Use it in salads, soups or sautéed—it's nutrient-rich and full of fiber. 

Kathy Brenzel

Kathleen Brenzel, garden editor, Sunset magazine

"In the mild climate West, fall is the very best time to plant trees, shrubs, perennials, spring bulbs and more," Brenzel says. "That's because the soil is still warm but air temperatures are cooling and (hopefully) some winter rain can help irrigate them. Because much of the West is arid, I'm focusing my fall planting on waterwise plants and cool-season greens." 

Euphorbia characia wulfenii I love this Mediterranean native perennial for its clusters of vivid chartreuse flowers that appear in the spring, spritzing the garden with that cooling touch of lime. This plant pairs really well with blue 'Wedgewood' Dutch iris or purple Spanish lavender. Both are drought resistant. 

Kangaroo paw As you can tell from the name, these striking perennials come from Australia. Fuzzy blooms, which top their tall spikes, are curved at the top like real kangaroo paws. They come in many colors, from vivid orange and red to pink and yellow, and make great cut flowers for bouquets. While they do tolerate drought, they do best with some water during summer bloom time. 

Foothill penstemon It's one of the few plants whose flowers open sky blue before fading to purple. This little beauty grows to 2 feet tall, blooms spring and summer and its flowers attract bees. 

Salvia 'Amistad' is tough to beat. It grows fast to 6 feet tall, spreads into a big, fluffy mound of green leaves, and hummingbirds go crazy for its deep purple flowers. Takes full sun or part shade and needs little water. 

Smoke bush has rounded leaves of rich brownish-purple and dramatic puffs of "smoke" that come from their fading flowers. You can keep it as a multi-stemmed shrub or prune it to form a small tree. 

Butterhead lettuces have loose heads with green smooth outer leaves and lighter green inner leaves. 'Merveille des Quatre Saisons' has red-tinged leaves and 'Speckles' has green leaves with red speckles. 

Arugula may be a weedy Mediterranean native, but this little green adds a tangy bite to salads. I grow it in low bowls on the patio. 

Bok choy For stir-fries or hearty fall soups, I'll be planting this Asian green whose flavor is mild with a hint of mustard. It's also high in nutrition, low in calories and gorgeous in containers.

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