The Complete Gardener's Guide ,
Helianthus Annuus is Classic Yellow Sunflower

Materials Needed

  • sunflower seeds
  • seed compost
  • gardening pots with drainage holes or biodegradable pots
  • watering cans
  • support canes

Step 1: Fill Small Pots with Seed Compost, Make Hole in the Center with your Finger

Place one seed in each hole, and then cover. Ensure pots have drainage holes, or use biodegradable types.

Step 2: Water With a Can Fitted with a Fine Rose

This will help protect the delicate seedlings from damage. Keep the seed pots in a warm, frost-free place during germination.

Step 3: Replant Seedlings Once They Reach About 6 Inches Tall

Wait for until the danger of frost has passed. Support taller varieties with canes, especially in exposed sites.

Step 4: Maintain Your Plants

Dwarf sunflowers are ideal for patio containers; taller varieties are best for sunny borders. Keep plants well watered until they are fully established. Mature plants will cope with some drought.

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