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Feeling lucky? Try making a wreath of spider chrysthanthemums and moss.

Want an inspired decorating idea for your front door that celebrates the arrival of spring? Sit back and let lifestyle expert James Farmer preach the gospel of the wreath:

"I guarantee that when y'all think about wreaths, you think about the holidays," says Farmer, author of Wreaths for All Seasons. "After the holidays, the wreath has traditionally been a plastic tribute, but it's the symbolic representation of the spirit of any celebration. Wreaths provide that first and last impression at our doors—and make a stronger statement than fake greenery or glittery shamrocks."

Farmer's Green Delight wreath heralds the spring season. Made with spider chrysanthemums and moss, it can live for months with just a light misting once a week. "Spider chrysanthemums have a unique shape and color that adds a different texture to this mossy wreath," Farmer says.

Green Delight Wreath

Courtesy of James Farmer


• Styrofoam or metal wreath form

• Hot Glue

• Various types of moss: mood, sheet and Spanish

• Spider chrysanthemums


1. Plug in your hot glue gun.

2. Break the moss into various clusters, sizes and shapes.

3. Hot glue the backside of your moss to the form, choosing different moss types as you work your way around the wreath.

4. Pay special attention to cover all of the form and that the different varieties of moss are spread out over the entire wreath.

5. For added depth, glue pieces of moss to each other.

6. Tuck in the spider chrysanthemums where you see fit.

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