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Painted house numbers on pots is a cool design element even when nothing’s in bloom.

Dear Owner,

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve invited me into your home and trust me to hold your wonderful plants, flowers and herbs. That’s a big honor. But I think I speak for all your clay pots when I say we’ve been in a rut lately and would like to try something different. Maybe you didn’t know we can do plenty of other things outside the garden, but we’re lots of fun in the kitchen, bathroom and even the bedroom. Here are a few ideas, but you’re so creative I bet you can think of even more. Did I mention how smart and funny you are, too?

Tara Cotta (and the rest of the planters)

By the Numbers – Why nail metal numbers into the wall when you can paint your house numbers on pots and stage them close to the front door?  It’s an eye-catching design element whether there are plantings in them or not.

That’s a Crock! – Set a pot or two beside your stove and use it as a catch-all for the utensils you use most.

Turn the Tables – Getting married this year? Then let us plant this idea in your head: Tiny terra cotta pots make great bases for table numbers or wedding favors. We love the look of these, which are filled with moss and topped with birch bark hearts for a rustic outdoor reception.

Now Serving – A cake stand made of clay pots? We are eating this idea up! Glue or caulk the bottom of a 10-inch pot base to the bottom of a 4-inch pot, spray paint and seal. It’s a piece of cake!

A New Light – Clay pot candle holders are truly as easy as turning the pot upside down, putting the saucer on top and painting it a cool color. These make awesome porch or patio décor.

Sweet Idea – Who would’ve thought a terra cotta pot and saucer could make such a cute candy jar? Philadelphia, Pa.-based crafter Donna O’Gorman did; check out her bubble gum machine here.

Special Delivery – Pots and saucers are literally the gift that keeps on giving. Put the saucer upside down over the top of the pot and it’s a gift box! Tie it with twine and you’ve got a gift inside a gift.

Hold that Thought! – Paint different sized pots a color that complements your bathroom and use them for swabs and cotton balls. You can even use the saucer for a soap dish.

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