Family Garden: Simple Steps to Success ,
Alfalfa Sprout Heads in Funky Decorated Pots

Step 1: Decorate Pots

Decorate several pots with different faces using permanent markers, stick-on eyes or even bits of wool stuck on with glue to make ears, mouths and noses.

Step 2: Add Soil to Pot

Once you have decorated your pot, make sure it has good drainage holes. If necessary, make your own with a drill or a sharp pair of scissors. Fill it with a multipurpose compost, leaving around a 1¼ in (3 cm) gap at the top.

Step 3: Add Blotting Paper

A piece of blotting paper or paper towel will help keep the alfalfa seeds moist. Cut a circle just smaller than the top of the pot, place over the compost, and press it down firmly. Place the whole pot into a bowl of water to soak.

Step 4: Add Seeds

Once the paper is wet, lift the pot out and leave to drain. Measure out a small handful of alfalfa seeds and lightly scatter them over the surface. Don’t sow too many as dense growth can lead to the stems rotting.

Step 5: Put Pots in Bags

Put each container into a paper or plastic bag and leave in a bright, warm place, such as a windowsill. Check every day and remove as soon as the seeds have germinated. Water regularly and when the sprouts have grown sufficiently, enjoy the harvest by giving your pot a "haircut."

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