A Leprechaun Garden
Grow a garden of shamrocks and you just might catch a leprechaun.

For years the kids and I have been trying to catch a real live leprechaun.  Those leprechauns are mischievous little ones and quick at that!  All that we have been able to capture are a few of their golden chocolate coins. This year will be different. Just like creating a garden to attract fairies, we decided to create a garden just for leprechauns.   I just can't help but smile as I walk by this sweet little garden.  Who knows, this year might just be the year we catch one! I'm hoping they find the golden mushrooms irresistible.


  • A planter. I chose one that looks like a rock. It made me think of the Blarney Stone.
  • Gold bakeable modeling clay, available at your local craft store
  • Baking sheet
  • Oven
  • Floral wire
  • A pair of wire cutters
  • Potting soil
  • A small 4 inch Oxalis (shamrock) plant
  • Moss

Now follow the directions in the photo gallery below to create your very own leprechaun garden.

Craft Your Very own Leprechaun Garden 8 photos

3 Comments About this Article

  • LaVonne Coughlin
    I love this Idea. I too have been trying catch one of those little Buggers! I expect to better with my new garden! Gotta get started. Thanks for sharing.

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Susan Frasca-Foley
    This is amazing! I'm going to make this garden with my granddaughter today when she comes home from school. thank you!

    Posted 2 years ago

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  • Melissa Caughey
    Thank you so much LaVonne! I love the fact that you too have been trying to catch them at your place. I'm so happy to hear that you will make one with your granddaughter Susan. I hope the both of you will upload and share your leprechaun gardens on HGTV Gardens!

    Posted 2 years ago

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