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Lotus Berthelotii Fills Large Hanging Basket
Lotus berthelotii, or Parrots beak, is a trailing tender perennial or warm weather annual vine grown as an annual in containers or hanging baskets. It features soft silver gray leaves and sharply contrasting, pea like, crimson flowers.

Step 1: Stabilize the Basket

Set the basket in a pot or pail to keep it stable throughout the planting process. Put the liner (here, of coir) in position and trim it to fit along the rim. A circle of polythene at the bottom will help retain water.

Step 2: Slit the Sides

Cut a series of slits for planting trailing plants through the sides. Add a 2-in (5-cm) layer of soilless potting mix, blended with controlled-release fertilizer and water-retaining gel.

Step 3: Thread Plants Through

Remove the trailing plants from their pots and thread them through the slits you have just created. It’s a good idea to use a plastic bag to protect the stems and leaves.

Step 4: Create a Reservoir

Place a pot in the center at the top of the basket to act as a watering reservoir, and plant around it. Use upright plants in the center and trailers around the rim. Add more potting mix and build up the planting in tiers until the potting mix is within 2 in (5 cm) of the rim.

Step 5: Use a Watering Wand

Firm the potting mix, and water the basket thoroughly through the plastic pot. Use a watering wand so that the water doesn’t puddle in one section.

Step 6: Hang Your Basket

Choose a sheltered spot at a height that you can reach easily to water it. Make sure the hanging hardware is strong enough to take the weight of saturated potting mix.

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