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Hanging Garden

Materials Needed

  • plants of choice
  • hanging baskets
  • basket liner (if needed)
  • multi-purpose compost
  • fertilizer
  • water-retaining granules
  • watering can or garden hose with fine rose

Step 1: Line Basket

Baskets are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and have either solid or open sides. Those with open sides require liners to retain the compost; choose one the right size, made of cardboard, plastic-backed jute, coconut fiber or artificial moss. If your hanging basket is not already lined, cut your preferred lining material to size, and press it into place. Cut planting holes in the sides.

Step 2: Fill Basket

To make planting easier, sit your basket in a large pot or bucket to prevent it from moving around. Half-fill the basket with a mix of multi-purpose compost, fertilizer and water-retaining granules. Insert the plants into the compost through the side holes.

Step 3: Add Compost

Add more compost to the basket once all the side plantings are in place, then position the plants to grow on the top of the basket or to trail down.

Step 4: Water Basket

Firm down plants, then give the hanging basket a good watering using a fine rose. Leave the basket to drain in the pot or bucket before hanging in position.

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