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  • Mountain Hiker
    Ivy is an invasive species and difficult to eradicate from nearby woodlands. It will spread beyond where it is planted. We live in the wilderness and as far as I know no one in our area has planted it yet it is springing up in many places on its own. From personal experience it is almost impossible to get rid of. Please consider a less invasive plant when looking for climbing plants.
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  • DeAnna Bialczak
    Ivy is highly invasive & is destroying the native vegetation in the forest areas. I plant Clematis, a long blooming perennial .,with Morning Glory & Moon Flower. All look lovely growing up the trellis together, & are not dangerous to the environment. The MG blooms in the day, & the MF has beautiful giant white flowers that bloom at night. I literally have blooms with this combo 24/7.
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  • Patti Beth
    Ivy can get out of control in no time. It is an aggressive invader; very difficult to contain once established. There are better alternatives for homeowners, such as morning glory, hyacinth bean, sweet pea, vinca, and sedums just to name a few. Check with your county extension agent for additional plants for your specific geographical area.
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  • Monica Miklos
    Yikes! We were pulling out yards and yards of ivy yesterday afternoon - just what I wanted to be doing on Mothers' Day! It is truly an invasive and stubborn plant. The only thing that annoys me more is my mother's generation ground cover - pachysandra. That little stinker wends it's way around and under our walkways and pops up on the other side into the garden where it's not wanted, also. But ivy - this past winter I had to venture into the rear of our basement, and what do you think had found a little opening in the very small, low storm window? Yup - ivy. There was about six feet of it living very happily along the top of the basement ceiling. My husband and I couldn't believe it. That corner of the basement is where the oil tank is - we have no reason to go there on a regular basis, so it had time to get going. Funny thing is, we didn't have any ivy on that side of the house, so we have no idea where it came from...
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