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How can I get yard crashers to come do my backyard??

I have 1/2 an acre lot and can't do it by myself!!! I need yard crashers to come help my pitiful back yard!!

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  • Janine Seals
    I need ideas for a BIG back yard. Almost an acre. Half of the yard is fenced and fixed up but the other half is a different story. Any help with ideas would be welcomed. Thank you!

    Posted 2 weeks ago

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  • Marie Golding
    Marie Golding
    My backyard is in need of help. Please come to my recue I live in Maryland. Any help is welcome
    Thank you

    Posted 1 week ago

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  • Karen Moulton
    Hi my back yard is in need of a make over I have a pool and it must have a leek . I cant afford to keep filling it up each week . and with the water shortage in California we half to cut back in water. I would love to have the pool removed and just put grass or plants that don't need a lot of water.. I would love if you could help me out . thank you

    Posted 1 week ago

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  • Kathy
    I first want to Thank you, for all the work you do. You have helped so many people.
    I am retired female on social security. I have a mfg home which is in bad need for a replacement deck and ramp on front of house , and stairs on the back. These are very dangerous for my grandchildren and niece whom I care for. The back steps have a hole on the top and are very wobbly. I do not let the children outside for this reason. I have a large back yard, (which is bare) with no shade.
    Any and all help you may be able to give me would be very much appreciated. And again Thank you, I live in Surprise, Az

    Posted 7 days ago

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  • alta monroe
    alta monroe Hello to your to your yardgod crew, I am a psychiatric crisis RN with an elderly mom who enjoys being outside but my yard is not how anyone would have their 90 yr old mom try to enjoy her days. I am a compassionate nurse but when the Maker handed out creativity or $ it takes to offer a outdoor living space with Mom, family and crisis co-workers, I must have been in the restroom. I provide debriefings to 1st responders and would beifit from a place to support my mom's healing outoors as well as offer a space for hold mindful healing meditations after a day filled with trauma.
    Thank you for your spirit shared each time you air, Alta Monroe, RN -
    I live in and enjoy the City of Alameda, CA.

    Posted 3 days ago

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  • delores johnson
    Hi Yardcrasher team,
    I live in Sumter, South Carolina - the home of Shaw Air Force Base, several years ago I purchase my dream home ; with a large back yard that needs much needed tender loving care.... Please take a ride to South Carolina and help me with my back yard.
    Thanks in advance!!!
    Delores Johnson

    Posted 2 days ago

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  • Kelly Martin
    Hello Yard Crashers!!
    I live in a rural area, Waynesville, OH, aka WaynesWorld. We love it here and an average front yard, but our back yard (pups outdoor kingdom) could use help.. That is an understatement..the 20+ year old deck is showing wear as well as needing so railing replaced. We have 2 big dogs that romp on the deck and fences in yard when not lounging about in the house. My big project would be to have a shaded area off the house so I could enjoy the back yard as much as everyone else... I joke and call myself a vampire, but I have Lupus and can not be out in the sun. I would happily volunteer my husband and grown children! The great thing is... I can do all the labor at night, sort like having a second shift built in!!! Please consider coming out to our quaint little town to enjoy à bit of the country that is not to far from the city.. We promise to keep the dogs from kicking you to death and we will even take you to some of the haunted places in our town...

    Posted 1 day ago

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  • Joyce Thomas
    Joyce Thomas
    Hello yard crashers I live in Battle Ground Washington sorry there was no Battle in Battle Ground Washington.I have a quarter of an acre in my backyard that I would love for you to decorate better so I can have quality time in my backyard love being out there but it just doesn't look like a backyard my deck is falling apart my garden looks like
    crap the grass has crabgrass, it has holes in the yard from Gophers burning in my yard first at one time or another, that took over the backyard the trees that has too many limbs and roots its a mess I would love a helping hand its a lost to me :(

    Posted 6 hours ago

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  • Renita Stough
    Hello Yard Crashers! I live in Decatur,Alabama about 2 hours south of Nashville,Tennessee.I have a large pool but don't really know what to do around it.Would love a tropical look.Also my patio cover and floor is in bad shape.Would love and appreciate Your help.

    Posted 4 hours ago

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  • Michael
    Back yard crashes please crash my yard!,,,, I am from New Jersey I have been living in my home for 11 years . I have a pool and a floating deck in the middle of no where . Stairs from my back door that my mother can't walk down for they are dangerous. My yard haas three levels and a real pain to cut the grass for it has little hills. I would love to pitch in and make my yard a safe place and fun place for my three daughter to enjoy and entertain. Come and crash my yard!!!!!!!

    Posted 4 hours ago

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