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English Ivy growing on trees will it kill the tree?

I have english ivy growing in my rock has started climbing the trees, I was told it will kill the trees...Is this true? If so how do I get it off the tree?

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  • ChrisLambton13
    It will most certainly kill the tree. It climbs up and chokes it off from the sun. Once it has grown up the tree it is almost impossible to pull down while alive. My trick is to cut it off at the base and cut a one foot area around the tree making sure you get all the shoots.

    Posted 3 years ago

    Zone: 7a
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  • felder
    Actually, I don't think ivy will kill a mature tree, from having lived in England for several years where ivy routinely grows all over the place. I have seen centuries-old trees with centuries-old ivy growing up and hanging down. It can hide problems, and harbor roaches (in warm, humid parts of the country), but it rarely causes serious problems on its own. I love how its mature leaves and flower clusters look hanging from tree limbs. But Chris is right in how to get rid of it by cutting it off at the base of the tree. Then just let it start back over again.

    Posted 3 years ago

    Zone: 8b
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  • anonymous
    It is a complete myth that ivy kills trees. It is not a parasite. In the UK, where ivy runs rampant on all trees in the wild, it's well-known that ivy is not a problem, and in fact provides wonderful ground cover for wildlife and butterflies. The UK's Royal Horticultural Society provides sensible advice here.

    Posted 1 year ago

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