Simple Steps to Success: Fruit and Vegetables in Pots ,
Patio Apples Ready for Harvest

Step 1: Fill Pot With Soil

Plenty of Drainage Needed for Apple Tree Planter

Add a layer of broken clay pots or gravel over the drainage holes, followed by soil-based compost mixed with a slow-release fertilizer applied at the recommended rate.

Step 2: Loosen Roots and Remove

Loosen Roots of Apple Tree Before Planting

Water the tree, knock it from its pot, and check that the top of the root ball will sit 2in (5cm) below the new container’s rim. Tease out the roots to help them establish.

Step 3: Center Tree in Pot

Center Apple Tree in Container at Same Depth

Position the tree carefully in the center of the container. Fill around it with compost and firm, making sure that it is planted at the same level as in its original pot.

Step 4: Keep Moist

Keep Newly Planted Apple Tree Moist

Water well, and apply a mulch of well-rotted manure or compost, leaving a space around the stem. Never allow the compost to dry out, but guard against waterlogging. Cut out dead and diseased wood as soon as you see it.

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